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Arvind Pande

- Counsellor, Behaviour Analyst and Numerologist


SWOT Analysis

All of us have strengths and weaknesses. All of us are exposed to opportunities and threats. Let your child learn about it all. Let him/her realize and make suitable changes to succeed. Choosing a career path is the most confusing task. The common problem while choosing a career is – what career should I pursue? Why am I not happy with my current job? All these questions can be answered with the help of Numero Counselling. Through self-understanding & self-analysis you can get the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clues for best line of work. After self-understanding you can determine your strongest capabilities to the career field which is suitable for you. With the help of Numero Counselling you will be able to know the strong energies that are beneficial for you and identify the types of activities that will be helpful in your career success. After knowing your strength and weakness you will be ready to choose best option among available opportunities. Also it will help in making strategies to avoid your threats and pitfalls.

CAREER Selection

All of us cannot be Doctors or Engineers. We are more unlike each other. Let your child learn about his true aptitude and select a career to suit it. That's the easiest way to be a winner, because, when you do what you are good at, success is yours. Preparing a career plan in a proper way will help you in achieving your goals and objectives in life. Now days, everyone is career focused because in every field we see tremendous competition and challengeable situation. Selection of a good career is a very difficult task. If your child knows about his or her true aptitude then selecting a career will become the easiest. Numero Counselling will make your child understand about his or her true aptitude. This is the simplest way to be a winner.


We are endowed with aptitudes, which are sown in our genes. But we need to build a positive attitude. A teacher at heart. Mr. Arvind Pande has sure-shot solutions to bring in attitudinal changes in children. Attitude and Behaviour are connected with each other. One’s behaviour tells us about his or her attitude and vice versa. Attitude simply means how you look towards your life. Positive attitude brings positivity in life and makes you happy and negative attitudes bring darkness and make you depressed. Mr. Arvind Pande will help in developing attitudinal changes in children. With the help of listening to motivational talks, reading inspirational books and listening to good music the positive energy will boost. The more positive energy you have within you, the more you feel better about yourself and that reflects your behaviour and attitude.


Since we are all quite different, we react differently. Numerology is a mirror that reflects your hidden characteristics. There is a winner hidden within each one of us. And only those who play to their pluses emerge a winner. Let your child learn to make right moves at right times. We all are different from each other. People experience different internal responses to the challenges in life. Numerology uses the numbers as a key to understand the human behaviour. We can say that Numerology is the predictive sciences. So, Numerology is the mirror that reflects your hidden characteristics. Nothing happens co-incidentally in our lives. Everything is predetermined. With the help of Numerology, we can understand our destiny in a positive way. Numerology tells us about our strength and weakness, for improving career and growth prospects. For gaining good health, wealth and many more.

CRASH Course

If you wish to learn more about Numerology, you may join CRASH Course. For guidance, you may also consult Mr. Arvind Pande on any other personal aspect of your child’s career or your own profession. Numerology is the study to know about the world as a whole and also about individual by breaking down the pattern of the universe into numbers. If you wish to learn about Numerology, to know about the universal language of numbers, you may join crash course. So, use the power of Numerology to make important changes in life, to take important decision and to make your life more comfortable. If you need any guidance regarding your child’s career or your own profession, for that you may consult Mr. Arvind Pande.

Counselling Regarding Troubles

Counselling regarding troubles and difficulties in life and solution for that. In Numero-Counselling, we provide Horoscope making, Solutions and advice on Future predictions, Planetary positions, Education, Career, Marriage, Fortune and many more. Life is not a bed of roses. There are obstacles to get over and mountains to climb. Everyone have problems in his or her life. Success comes by overcoming the challenges. Numerology provides a hint to the individual for upcoming problems in life. These problems are known as challenges in Numerology. The natures of challenges are shown in the Life path. In Numero Counselling the counselling is given regarding education, career, profession, marriage, fortune and many more. Horoscope making.

Names by Numerocounselling

Deciding names of new born babies, Name and spelling corrections for favourable titles for films, TV, Serials, Designing Visiting Cards and Letter head numerological. Numerological Chart for personal growth and expansion in life. With the help of Numero Counselling Mr. Arvind Pande will help you in deciding names of new born babies, name and spelling corrections for favourable titles for TV serials, designing visiting cards and letter head. By getting our name spelling corrected, there is a chance of positivity, favourability and prosperity in life. This includes the study of your history, profession and problems that are holding you back.


This Numerology is useful for Recruiting Right People or Emplyoees in buisness, Industries, etc. Recruitment of a right person for the right job is a big challenge. Every individual have his own strength and weakness. Date of Birth gives the idea on the propensity, strengths and weakness of an individual which helps in recruitment for the job in the company. This will helps in decreasing the employee mobility of the organization.