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Arvind Pande

- Counsellor, Behaviour Analyst and Numerologist

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Numerology is the study of numbers. It is an ancient science that uncovers your destiny, life purpose and life lessons that you will face in future. Numerology is not about only predicting the future but experts in Numerology use the numbers to determine the best time for major moves and activities in life. Mr. Arvind Pande gives a proper guidance related to ascertaining behaviour attributes of any person from his or her date of birth, counselling for smooth life, change in name of any person, change of profession or business, for right career path, right selection of employees, friends and colleagues, deciding name of new born baby, for enhancing your motivation level, for self-analysis, to know your strengths, fears and many more.

Birthdays, anniversaries, door numbers, phone numbers, vehicle numbers...... all of them have a special influence and significance. Numbers illustrate a great deal about our character, purpose of our being, our motivations, our attitudes and aptitudes, our talents, our strengths – weaknesses – opportunities – threats. In short, numbers can unveil your hidden potential. Numbers can guide you to choose a correct path. And Numbers also can direct your efforts. So, if you know your numbers, you can clearly see your luck and improve your pluck.

Well, well, well! To put it simply, you can plan your career and life – like a perfectly fitting tailored shirt, Sounds magical? It may, but it's certainly not magic. It is another kind of mathematics that we call Numerology. But isn't the proof of the pudding in the eating??? Right then. Meet Mr. Arvind Pande, just let him know your birth-date and few other details.. and he will help you to unravel treasure hidden in your numbers. A successful professor and marketing professional, he is a highly trained practising Numerologist. Around year 2000 or there about, he changed gears to become a full-time practising Numerologist. Until now, Arvind Pande must have studied over 50,000 birth dates, As on date, has advised many people from various walks of life and those who have followed his advice are today leading a successful life.

So can your Son and Daughter. Make sure, you meet Mr. Arvind Pande. Let your children speak to him freely. Let them learn about themselves and select a suitable career. Let Mr. Arvind Pande help them to realize their true worth and in future to find their station in life. Because, children today, they are the future tomorrow. He is the best Friend – Philosopher – Guide your children can get.

SWOT Analysis

All of us have strengths and weaknesses. All of us are exposed to opportunities and threats. Let your child learn about it all. Let him/her realize and make suitable changes to succeed.

CAREER Selection

All of us cannot be Doctors or Engineers. We are more unlike each other. Let your child learn about his true aptitude and select a career to suit it. That's the easiest way to be a winner, because, when you do what you are good at, success is yours.


We are endowed with aptitudes, which are sown in our genes. But we need to build a positive attitude. A teacher at heart. Mr. Arvind Pande has sure-shot solutions to bring in attitudinal changes in children.


Since we are all quite different, we react differently. Numerology is a mirror that reflects your hidden characteristics. There is a winner hidden within each one of us. And only those who play to their pluses emerge a winner. Let your child learn to make right moves at right times.

CRASH Course

If you wish to learn more about Numerology, you may join CRASH Course. For guidance, you may also consult Mr. Arvind Pande on any other personal aspect of your child’s career or your own profession.